Clarence is white Bengal tiger who had been surrendered by his previous owner in Ohio after not complying with new regulations regarding private exotic ownership. Safe Haven was contacted and agreed to accept Clarence for placement.

Initially, we had been told Clarence was a relatively young tiger, somewhere around five years old. But in actuality, he was much closer to 12 years old. He was significantly overweight, had dental issues and had previously suffered from a puncture wound. Clarence’s injuries were the result of having been housed in a 20 X 30-foot cage with three other tigers, one of which had attacked him. He was then moved to a very small cage inside of a pole barn.

During his time at Safe Haven, Clarence has made an amazing recovery. He is now of normal weight, has had dental work done and, other than somewhat elevated kidney levels, has received a clean bill of health from our veterinarian. His injuries are now entirely healed, and he doesn’t appear to suffer from the majority of problems that afflict other white tigers, other than one exception. While all white tigers are cross-eyed, Clarence is extremely so, to the point of not being able to see much at all. Regardless, he is an intelligent and adaptable tiger. Upon observation, it appears as if Clarence has memorized his enclosure and is now in full command of it. He adores chasing his boomer ball and happily and enthusiastically stalks our staff, volunteers and visitors.

Clarence’s enclosure is the closest one to our office and kitchen, resulting in his interacting with a lot of different humans every day. But it’s O.K. He likes the attention. Clarence becomes very excited around meal time, and one of his favorite snacks is a summertime bloodsicle.

Clarence is under the impression that he is very sneaky and will hide thinking no one can see him, despite the fact that he is over 400 lbs. He loves being hosed down on hot days, and we cannot wait until we are able to move him into a new enclosure, complete with an in-ground pool.

About White Tigers

Contrary to what is often advertised, white tigers are not an actual species of tiger found regularly in the wild. In fact, the only way for white tigers to be produced is from inbreeding. Due to the way they are bred, white tigers are subjected to an 80 percent mortality rate when they are cubs, and some are unfortunately born with deformities such as bulging foreheads, cleft palates and spinal problems.

About Clarence

Common Name: White Bengal Tiger

Gender: Male

Age: 12 years old

Price to Adopt: $275

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