Monkey is a Canadian lynx who was privately owned in Minnesota. When his owners could no longer care for him, they first called Wildcat Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the Wildcat Sanctuary did not have the enclosure space available to accept him, so they reached out to Safe Haven to ensure Monkey was placed with an organization that could provide him with the care that he needed. The Wildcat Sanctuary generously provided Monkey with transportation to his new home in Nevada.

Often times, when owners surrender their animals, we never hear from them again. That was not the case however for Monkey’s previous owners. They have been generous enough to regularly donate toward his expenses, and have even made a trip out to Safe Haven to ensure he is getting the care that he needed.

Monkey prefers to hide and wait for his keepers to deliver his food and leave before venturing out of his den. During the summer months, our lynx are provided with shaded areas within their dens. Monkey enjoys licking and gnawing on blood-sickles and ice blocks during the hotter days.

About Canadian Lynx

Canadian lynx are native to Canada, Alaska and the northern United States. They have very dense coats, distinctive, tufted ears and are larger in size than bobcats. Because they tend to fare better in the snow and colder, winter temperatures, we make sure to provide them with adequate means of cooling themselves during the warmer spring and summer months, such as shade, kiddie pools filled with water and ice to lick.

About Monkey

Common Name: Canadian Lynx

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old

Price to Adopt: $70

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