Help Give Orphaned Cougars a “Forever Home”

Safe Haven’s resident cougar cub Patty Kay was found orphaned in the Colorado wilderness. By the time she made her way to a wildlife rehabilitation center, Patty Kay was already too tame and habituated to humans to be rehabilitated for rerelease back into the wild. In need of sanctuary care, Safe Haven agreed to provide her with a “forever home.”

At Safe Haven, we continue to receive numerous placement requests throughout the year similar to Patty Kay’s, but unfortunately do not have the necessary space available to house any other rescued cougars, other than a smaller interim enclosure.

In order to provide our current, as well as future, cougar residents with the large habitats that they need to thrive, we need all the help we can get. We are currently working to raise $50,000 in order to construct new habitats and provide general aid for current resident cougars, Patty Kay and Cooper.

But we can’t do it alone. Help us meet our goal and provide our resident cougars with the homes and overall care that they deserve. Donate to Safe Haven’s “Forever Home” fund and help a cougar in need today.

Cougar Patty Kay at Safe Haven

How do your donations help?

$50 – Annual vaccinations

$100 – An enrichment toy

$250 – One month of food

$500 – Material to construct an insulated den

$5,000 – Half of the fencing material for one new enclosure

$8,000 – Half of the secondary safety fence (required by USDA)

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