Our Staff

Safe Haven is an organization supported by the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Lynda Sugasa, Founder & CEO

Lynda Sugasa founded Safe Have Wildlife Refuge in 1998 in rural Illinois to provide rehabilitative care to orphaned and injured wildlife in the Midwest.

Through the years, Safe Haven has cared for several hundred native wildlife that were eligible for reintroduction. And as the organization continued to grow, so too, did the placement requests for abandoned and surrendered exotics, resulting in the organization’s relocation to its current facility in northern Nevada.

Lynda is responsible for the management of the entire organization, fundraising and donor communication.

David Sugasa, Treasurer

In 2006, David Sugasa retired from the McDonald’s Corporation, where he had developed the company’s Aviation Department and served as both a corporate pilot and Aviation Director for more than a decade. David’s skills and background knowledge have provided significant guidance in the development of Safe Haven’s northern Nevada location.

David has developed and implemented the facility’s infrastructure, including the solar power installation and inverter system, water system and habitat designs.

Safe Haven Officers and Board of Directors

Lynda M. Sugasa, CEO
Board member for 10 years

Christel Citko, Secretary
Board member for eight years

David Sugasa, Treasurer
Board member for 10 years

Susan Gardner, Director
Board member for seven years

Jamie Hagedorn, Director
Board member for nine years

Kristen Kabrin, Director
Board member for two years

Michelle Cuellar, Director
Board member for two years

Kathy Wichert, Director
Board member for one year

Jamie Flanagan, Director
Board member since Feb. 2016

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