Annabelle became one of our first coyote residents after being orphaned in the wild at only a month old. Typical of coyotes, Annabelle is very skittish and avoids humans at all costs. She is also constantly digging and creating two new holes for every one we successfully fill.

Annabelle had previously been housed with Marabelle, but due to their constant fighting, the two had to be separated. The two coyotes still share the same enclosure, only now they are separated by a side wall. This still allows for interaction from a safe distance. On most days, Annabelle can be seen running along the fence line playing and communicating with Marabelle.

Annabelle has been with us for 7 years.

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About Coyotes

Common to northern Nevada, coyotes primarily build their shelters in the ground. From building burrows to new hiding places for food and toys, coyotes are constantly digging. In the wild, coyotes have been known to walk on their toes to escape detection. Coyotes generally don’t live beyond 14 years in the wild, but can live as long as 20 in captivity.

About Annabelle

Common Name: Coyote

Gender: Female

Age: 7 years old

Price to Sponsor: $50

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