Blue, a forty-year-old female Blue & Gold Macaw, was brought to Safe Haven when their owners decided to relocate – but without her. Sadly, when she was a baby, her left wing was intentionally fractured so the owners didn’t have to pay for a veterinarian to clip her wings.

Blue is a very friendly and talkative Macaw and greets her keepers with “hello Blue”. She loves to wander around the office and climb up on chairs to “perch” and stay right in the middle of the office activities.

Blue has been with us for 7 months.


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About Macaws

Macaws are very complex birds and are often times quite needy, making them difficult to raise in captivity. They are very social and require a great amount of attention. Macaws can also live to be 70 years old.

About Blue

Common Name: Macaw

Gender: Female

Age: 40 years old

Price to Sponsor: $35

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