Carli is a Bengal tiger who was rescued from a defunct facility in upstate New York, along with other Safe Haven resident, Lily. Prior to their rescue, Carli and Lily’s living conditions were terrible. The owner of the facility had stopped care for her animals and all had been without food or water for several days. Carli and Lily had lived in extremely cramped conditions, and they were significantly underweight at the time of their rescue.

The state of New York initiated Carli and Lily’s seizure, with additional transportation and sanctuary help provided by Safe Haven and five other organizations. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) were responsible for facilitating the actual rescue.

We were pleased to accept both Carli and Lily and to keep them together. The girls arrived at our sanctuary in 2014 and have since taken to their new lives with great happiness.

Carli loves her new world of wide-open spaces, tiger-enriched activities and especially her multi-level climbing and shade platform where she can be seen napping away the afternoons. Carli is very vocal, especially at feeding time. She whines and cries if she isn’t fed right away and will groan when other get fed before her. Watch Carli and Lily swim for the first time.

Carli has been with us for 3 years.

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About Bengal Tigers

Bengal tigers are the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. They commonly sport a yellow or light orange coat with dark brown or black stripes. The belly and interior parts of the limbs are white, and the tail is orange with black rings. Bengal tigers are considered endangered, with fewer than 2,500 being recorded in the wild today. Bengal tigers typically live anywhere from eight to 10 years in the wild and subsist on a meat-based diet.

About Carli

Common Name: Bengal Tiger

Gender: Female

Age: 16 years old

Price to Sponsor: $275

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