Christopher was a privately owned pet in Missouri that had been purchased as a cub from a breeder. Christopher’s elderly owner realized it was becoming too difficult for him to provide the right care for him and contacted Safe Haven for placement.

Christopher is currently a healthy white tiger. He is housed in an enclosure complete with a large in-ground pool, multi-level climbing platform and insulated den. Christopher enjoys swimming in his pool and playing with toys which hang from his climbing platform.

Christopher has been with us for 4 years.

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About White Tigers

Contrary to what is often advertised, white tigers are not an actual species of tiger found regularly in the wild. In fact, the only way for white tigers to be produced is from inbreeding. Due to many generations of inbreeding there is at least an 80 percent mortality rate in white tiger cubs, and many are born with deformities such as bulging foreheads, cleft palates and spinal disease.

About Christopher

Common Name: White Tiger

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Price to Sponsor: $275

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