Cooper is a cougar who was orphaned at just two weeks old in Washington State when a hunter shot and killed his mother. A family found Cooper and raised him in their home until he was nine weeks old. As he continued to grow, the family realized that they needed to find a sanctuary that could provide Cooper with a permanent home and choose Safe Haven.

At just three months old, Cooper had already become quite an affectionate, interactive and friendly cat, which made his timely enclosure with us even more vital. Like most cats, Cooper sleeps during the day and enjoys exploring his enclosure during the evenings. He is shy, retiring and tends to avoid most human contact, with one exception – our director, Lynda. Most likely a result of having been hand-raised by our staff, Cooper is fond of Lynda and comes out to greet her when she approaches his enclosure.

Cooper’s favorite enrichment toys are fur-covered deer legs donated by local hunters. He’ll drag it off to his den, where you can hear him “hunting” and banging it around.

Cooper has been with us for 13 years.

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About Cougars

Cougars generally can live up to 12 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity. Their primary food source is deer, but they will also hunt rodents and livestock. They are solitary creatures and only interact briefly during times of breeding. Female cougars tend to be more tolerant of one another, sharing part of their ranges.

About Cooper

Common Name: Cougar

Gender: Male

Age: 13 years old

Price to Sponsor: $95

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