Jasmine is a Maine coon cat who was found abandoned in an area canyon in Winnemucca at just two weeks of age. Our staff took turns bottle feeding her through the night. Though Safe Haven normally don’t accept domestic animals for placement, we had space available in our building and so made an exception for Jasmine since she had no place to go.

Jasmine resides in our intern living area and provides great company to all. She lives a splendid life with two meals a day, countless toys and endless love and affection. Throughout the work day, she can be found sitting in the window keeping an eye on everybody. Her favorite toy is a black hair elastic that she will fetch and bring back countless times in a row.

Jasmine has been with us for 3 years.

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About Maine Coons

Maine coons are the largest domesticated breed of cat. They have a distinctive physical appearance and hunting skills. The Maine coon is a sociable breed of cat, and can be characterized by its robust bone structure, rectangular body shape flowing coat and long, bushy tail. Noted for its intelligence and gentle personality, the Maine coon is often described as having dog-like characteristics.

About Jasmine

Common Name: Maine Coon

Gender: Female

Age: 3 years old

Price to Sponsor: $35

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