Jasper is an African serval found wandering the streets of Hollywood, where police discovered him under a vehicle. Though it has never been confirmed, it is likely Jasper was either abandoned or escaped from his owner. After being treated for multiple injuries, Jasper was brought to Safe Haven where we accepted him for placement.

Jasper, much like our other servals, is shy and not very tolerant of his keepers. In the late afternoon, you can find him lounging on top of his den while biting at his tail. He doesn’t seem to understand that the twitching tail in front of him is actually his own, and nips at it as if it were a separate entity. When he isn’t out in the open, Jasper makes sure you’re aware of his location by hissing whenever you get too near.

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About African Servals

Servals are native to Africa and thus require supplemental heat to survive the colder winter months. Servals can be aggressive and maintain their wild dispositions even in captivity. They are not social animals, and people who purchase them as pets often surrender or abandon them when they realize they can’t manage them.

About Annabelle

Common Name: African Serval

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old

Price to Sponsor: $60

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