Patty Kay was placed with Safe Haven by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. She was orphaned in the wild and placed with a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Unfortunately, Patty Kay was deemed too tame to be considered for release back into the wild, so we accepted her for permanent placement.

Patty Kay is very shy and prefers hiding herself during the daytime, such as in a dirt covered culvert “cave” within her enclosure. She loves to chew on cardboard boxes in which we hide small meat treats. She also likes to practice her stalking skills on our staff members, jumping out of the brush at us when we are working nearby.

Patty Kay has been with us for 19 months.

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About Cougars

Cougar cubs are born blind with spotted coats and black rings on their tails. At around three months old, their spots begin to fade. Litter sizes range from two to three kittens. The mother stays with the kittens anywhere from 18-24 months, with much of her time spent teaching them how to hunt. Cougar cubs orphaned in the wild are most susceptible to dying of starvation.

Cougars generally can live up to 12 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity. Their primary food source is deer, but they will also hunt rodents and livestock. They are solitary creatures and only interact briefly during times of breeding. Female cougars tend to be more tolerant of one another, sharing part of their ranges.

About Patty Kay

Common Name: Cougar

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Price to Sponsor: $95

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