Tanzi is one of three African serval siblings produced by Myra and Roy. His owner in Colorado had to give up all five servals when she became ill and could no longer care for them. Safe Haven agreed to accept all five and keep them together if she agreed to spay and neuter them.

Tanzi is quiet compared to his siblings and parents. He enjoys hanging out in the most secluded areas of his enclosure and prefers to be left alone. He also enjoys basking in the sun on one of our hammocks or lounging under his platform. Tanzi likes to hide in the dense brush when his keepers come to clean his enclosure, and remains completely still until he is sure they’ve left the area. From time to time, he can be seen snuggling a well-used box or other enrichment toy.

Tanzi has been with us for 5 years.

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About African Servals

African servals are small, lean, wild cats who are native to the Africa savannah. They have very distinctive coats with black stripes and spots. Their hunting skills are driven by a keen sense of smell and their ability to jump as high as 12 feet in order to catch birds and other prey. Although servals generally don’t live beyond 10 years in the wild, they can live into their early twenties in captivity.

About Tanzi

Common Name: African Serval

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old

Price to Sponsor: $60

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