Artist Features Safe Haven Residents

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Safe Haven has an exciting partnership with wildlife and landscape artist Taylor Nichczynski of Henderson, NV. She has created and sold several portraits of Safe Haven’s animals, with 40% of the purchase price donated for the care of our resident wildlife.

We are delighted that this noteworthy young artist has taken such an interest in our animals. For more information, see Taylor’s Facebook page or website. You may contact Taylor for more information about her Safe Haven paintings.

Artist Features Safe Haven Residents
Taco and Scooter are two Macaws at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. This piece was done in colored pencil on watercolor paper.Courtesy Taylor Nichczynski

40% of the purchase price goes to Safe Haven and their residents

As of April 2013, Taylor has worked with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife protection is extremely important in her work and being able to be involved with an organization that saves neglected and abused animals is a true honor for the artist. Pieces have sold to supporters of their cause since April of 2013.

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