Kristen Bauer highlights Safe Haven as a “true” sanctuary

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Actress and animal right activist Kristen Bauer recently mentioned Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary and contrasted us to some of the “pseudo-sanctuaries out there. She explains how they profit from exploiting animals for selfies or breeding them to live in captivity, true sanctuaries prioritize the health and safety of animals and people.

Read about her experience in her own words.

Another REAL TRUE big cat sanctuary! @safehavenwildlifesanctuary – I’ve gotten questions about this so let me address them. @blackjaguarwhitetiger is NOT a true rescue. They are a pseudo sanctuary. How you know is two obvious clues – #breeding is number 1. There are THOUSANDS of big cats suffering in horrendous conditions in homes. There are more tigers in Homes than in the wild. Pseudo sanctuaries want baby kittens playing With celebs to get more celebrities and follows. Don’t we want every single rescue space to be filled with a big cat who is suffering?!

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