Juno was a marble fox that was bred for his white coat, which is a common practice in the exotic pet trade. His coat was mostly white, with just a little black coloring on his ears, tail and along his back. He also had a distinctive black pattern on his forehead, which makes him appear as if he was wearing a mask.

Juno was a privately-owned pet in Illinois and was confiscated due to substandard care. The owner had approximately 100 animals, including Juno, living in deplorable conditions. As a result, Safe Have was contacted by the Illinois Animal Control to accept Juno for placement.

Juno was always the first one up in the morning, but stayed fairly inactive during the day. Once the sun starts to set, you could spot him running out and about within his enclosure. He loved challenging puzzle boxes containing treats and was also quite the little thief. He was especially social and welcoming with other foxes.

Juno left us in September, 2017 and will be missed greatly.

About Foxes

Foxes are very adaptable creatures and can be found throughout various regions. Although we provided our foxes with shaded areas within their enclosures, most prefer to dig their own burrows to escape the heat. In urban areas, fox dens can be found in window wells and other convenient locations. Typically, foxes can live up to six years in the wild and as long as 13 in captivity.

About Juno

Common Name: Marble Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 13 years old

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