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Mona Razoo

Donations starting on November 21 to November 28th are counted!

Meet Mona

Last year, Safe Haven participated in a massive Colorado rescue with 115 animals in need of new homes and accepted African Lioness Mona for placement who had been living in deplorable conditions, in a small cage devoid of any enrichment.  She now enjoys her new life at Safe Haven with a large spacious enclosure including multi-level climbing and shade platforms, a heated den and lots of enrichment and attention from her keepers.

Accredited by GFAS, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, our veterinary protocol and wellness program includes regular exams of our residents.  Many of our rescues came from private owners receiving no veterinary care, poor diets and living in substandard conditions.  Safe Haven’s residents typically are middle aged or elderly requiring more frequent and costly care.

This Giving Tuesday, please help us raise the funding needed to provide our ongoing veterinary wellness program to all of our residents!   Your donations help give them the care they deserve!

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is a no kill sanctuary and does not participate in breeding or selling our animals. 

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