Oreo, a 7-month old Marble Fox is actually a Red Fox that was bred for those distinctive “mask-like” markings from the illegal pet and fur trade. She was purchased from a breeder in Illinois whose new owners surrendered her to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Although referred to as a domestic fox, she is still a wild fox and not suitable as a pet.

At Safe Haven, she shares her enclosure with Cheyenne, a 10 year old female Red Fox.

About Foxes

Foxes are very adaptable creatures and can be found throughout various regions. Although we provided our foxes with shaded areas within their enclosures, most prefer to dig their own burrows to escape the heat. In urban areas, fox dens can be found in window wells and other convenient locations. Typically, foxes can live up to six years in the wild and as long as 13 in captivity.

About Oreo

Common Name: Marble Fox

Gender: Female

Age: 7 months

Price to Adopt: $45

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