Marabelle was orphaned while still in the wild, and placed with Safe Haven when she was approximately one month old. The state of Nevada does not permit the rehabilitation and rerelease of coyotes, so we agreed to accept Marabelle for permanent placement and introduced her to our other coyote Annabelle.

Even though we’ve provided her with a den, Marabelle prefers to shelter in the ground. Coyotes are naturally prolific diggers, and Marabelle is constantly digging herself new burrows and hiding places around her den. Her favorite treat to date was a whole deer leg, which she proceeded to run around with for hours. The next day, she was more tired than we have ever seen her, so we assume she must have stayed up all night playing with it. But the real question is: where did she bury it?

Marabelle has been with us for 6 years.

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About Coyotes

Common to northern Nevada, coyotes primarily build their shelters in the ground. From building burrows to new hiding places for food and toys, coyotes are constantly digging. In the wild, coyotes have been known to walk on their toes to escape detection.

About Marabelle

Common Name: Coyote

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years old

Price to Sponsor: $50

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