Dramatic Rescue of Our Own Residents from a Failed Sanctuary

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An article by Kevin Loria in the March 2016 edition of Tech Insider features the dramatic rescue of a large number of tigers—including our Carli and Lily—lions, bears, farm animals, and domestic animals, from a failed sanctuary in New York. Safe Haven’s executive director, Lynda Sugasa, was interviewed for this very informative story.

But feeding big cats, bears, wolves, and other animals year after year gets expensive. They require a significant amount of space and food — far more than the animals at JNK’s Call of the Wild had. And that’s hard to afford, according to Lynda Sugasa, executive director of Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, a Nevada facility that took two of the tigers from JNK.

Dramatic Rescue of Our Own Residents from a Failed Sanctuary
A resettled tiger named Carli now lives at the Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Nevada.Courtesy Lynda Sugasa/Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

“You need enough space, and you need to see that it meets your budget,” says Sugasa. “A lot of sanctuaries start out with good intentions, but then they get overwhelmed.”

For more information about how Carli and Lily are doing today, or to adopt one of them, visit our animal page.

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